About us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote handmade and natural Indian rugs and carpets in the Canadian market to help the Green Artsy Foundation move one step closer towards achieving its goal - expanding the reach of these traditional handmade products so as to uplift the lives of Indian artisans and weavers.

Our team

Vidhit Sangekar

President and one of the two directors of Fabrocia Canada Inc. Completed his Bachelors in Economics from McGill University in 2018.

Dakshin Soorya

Director and co-founder of Fabrocia Canada Inc. Finished his Bachelors of Commerce at the University of Toronto in 2019.

Ankuj Mittal

One of the two founders of Fabrocia Craftex LLP, our Indian partners. Certified from University of London Textile Technical Sustainability & Industry Consultant.

Amitabh Mehra

The other founder of Fabrocia Craftex LLP, our Indian partners. He is a professional in the textile industry who has represented many top mills in India.

Mohammad Danish

Learnt the art of handloom carpet making by working as an artisan. We are happy to be in a position to promote this exotic art of carpet making

Origins of Fabrocia

Fabrocia was formed more out of a necessity than a want. That is, we believed it was necessary to sell high-quality goods, but a large portion of the market offers cheap, factory-made products that lack longevity, do nothing to improve the communities around the business, and leave the environment in a worse state than before. Fabrocia tackles all three of these problems head-on: Our products are all hand-made by artisans that have grown up in these weaver-communities, ensuring the highest quality possible and years of longevity. We support the local community by actively engaging with the weavers, providing them jobs and supporting them through our Green Artsy Foundation. All our products are made with natural dye and made by hand, which greatly reduces our carbon footprint. Fabrocia cares about the products we sell, and we care even more about the environment and the communities that are essential to preserving this ancient craft.

Why Fabrocia?

The goal of the foundation is to promote the well-being of our artisans and weavers. More than 90% of the handloom textiles of the world are manufactured in India. Rapid industrialization has seen a decline in the requirement and production of handloom and natural products. As such, the foundation aims to give the artisans and weavers a global voice. We aim to educate both a national and international audience on our culture and the beautiful products that our artisans create. We wish to uplift the living standards of our weavers and artisans by working to ensure that our handmade traditional products attain a global reach and by making sure that they have continuous employment. We also have a focus to provide our female artisans with better opportunities. Please check the Green Artsy Foundation website for more information.